Purchase Beer Online – Delivered Free: Award-Winning Beer Available Online Now

Purchase Beer Online – Delivered Free: Award-Winning Beer Available Online Now

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The Best Non-Alcoholic Beer (And A Few Very-Low-Alcohol Beers) – Purchase Beer Online – Delivered Free

If you’re worried beer is stopping you winning the battle against your belly, switch to the zero-alcohol stuff rather than fizzy drinks or juice. Not only is it lower in calories than many soft drinks, but new research has also found you can still get a “beer buzz” from it. Brain scans at Indiana University showed the taste of beer triggered the release of dopamine – a neurotransmitter linked to reward-motivated behaviour – before any intoxication effects could occur. With around 20 calories per 100ml, compared with 40 in regular beer, you’ll also significantly cut down on your calorie intake, as well as waking up feeling fresh and ready to hit the gym.

Big and craft breweries alike have cottoned on to a recent surge in demand for alcohol-free beers, bringing a huge range of them within reach of your abstaining fingers. With one Ab In-Bev study revealing that 31% of UK adults have now tried the stuff, and that almost one in five can’t tell the difference between it and its boozy relative, the stigma once attached to ordering a boozeless beer is fast dissipating.

But as with all too-good-to-be-true situations, there is a catch. Alcohol-free doesn’t always mean zero fun stuff. In many cases, there is a microscopic amount of booze floating around in your bottle – such a small amount, though, that often it’s less than can be found in some fruit juices. What’s more, with the volume of water in each bottle massively outweighing the volume of alcohol, there’s zero risk of you getting drunk off them.

Innis & Gunn Innis & None (0.0%)

Billed as the world’s first detox beer (and without doubt the only one that, according to the brewers, is best served on the gym floor), this flavour-packed pale ale is not only completely alcohol free, but it’s crammed with vitamin C, guarana and ginsing. Uh huh, it’s actually beneficial to your immune system, energy levels and athletic performance. £5 for 4 cans, buy on innisandgunn.com; £1.30 for 330ml can, buy on tesco.com

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