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Purchase Beer Online – Delivered Free: Award-Winning Beer Available Online

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Purchase Beer Online – Delivered Free: Peroni is now doing gluten-free beer

When you have coeliac disease, just eating and drinking becomes a load of faff.

There are so many things that have gluten lurking inside. So many snacks that are suddenly off limitis.

And of course, there’s the alcohol struggle. Why, oh why, must so much alcohol contain gluten?

Thankfully, there are brands hearing the cries of coeliacs everywhere, and giving the people the gluten-free booze they crave.

A lot of these, however, are specialist gluten-free brands that are pricier than your average pint and aren’t widely known about.

Which is why we’re excited that Peroni Nastro Azzurro’s jumped on the coeliac-friendly train and started offering their first ever gluten-free beer.

This is a big deal because it’s another major brand listening to coeliacs, and providing a beer option that’s familiar.*

*Which is nice when you’ve just learned you can’t have gluten and hate that you’re changing every part of your diet.

It tastes pretty much the same as regular Peroni. It’s just gluten-free. Nice.

If you’re excited about gluten-free Peroni, you can buy it from Tesco across the UK, or order it at any Carluccio’s restaurant from today onwards. They’re hoping to launch it in other supermarkets soon.

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