Purchase Beer Online: Cheapest Online Happy Hour EVER

Purchase Beer Online: Cheapest Online Happy Hour EVER

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Beer and cosmetic purchases most influenced by OOH exposure: study: Purchase Beer Online

Buy a two-four recently? A billboard may have helped influence you. The latest RealityMine TouchPoints study has shown that OOH exposure may benefit beer and alcohol purchases more so than any other product or sector.

According to the study, which analyzed 20 product categories, 84% of beer and alcohol retail sales examined happened within 30 minutes of viewing a corresponding OOH ad – the highest rate of correlation in the study.

The cross-platform consumer study consists of a seven-day electronic diary, in which more than 40,000 participants recorded activities and media consumption in half-hour time segments. More than 89 million behavioural data points were collected, which included what media was consumed, where it was consumed, what people were doing when consuming it, who they were with and how they felt.

For purchases, female-targeted products also ranked high — 70% of cosmetic purchases and 63% of beauty and personal care products were made within the half-hour window. The next-most popular purchase is consumer electronic goods at 46%.

Overall reach for OOH is also up slightly. Last year’s Touchpoints study, which only measured exposure and not purchase habits, found that on a weekly basis, OOH reached 82% of Canadians. According to Rosanne Caron, president of the Out-of-Home Marketing Association of Canada (OMAC), that number is now up to 85%.


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