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Purchase Beer Online: Shopkeepers are letting underage yobs buy beer and cigarettes

THOUSANDS of shopkeepers are being physically and verbally abused after asking for ID everyday – leaving them too scared to challenge their customers for identification.

Concerns have now been sparked that youngsters can get their hands on fags and alcohol without being challenged, with Ali Nowroze just one workers in the UK to be left battered and bruised after asking two young men to prove they were over 18.

The convenience store worker was battered by two young men last year, suffering horrific injuries after simply having asked them for ID as they tried to purchase an e-cigarette.

Speaking to the Sun Online, he said: “They were asking me a lot of questions and getting annoyed that I was asking them for ID.

“I wouldn’t give them any information about the cigarettes because they couldn’t prove they were 18 and over.”

He said: “They started getting really aggressive and shouting, I was trying to keep calm because I’ve been through this before.

“They were yelling ‘we can buy whatever the f*** we want’ then in a split second, they started throwing punches.”

Ali, who has worked behind the counter for almost 10 years, said he desperately tried to defend himself from the attack.

He said: “I didn’t know where to focus, there were punches coming from everywhere.

“My t-shirt was ripped and I had a load of bruises on my face.”

The young men eventually left their battered victim at the store on Clifftown Road, Southend-on-Sea, with Ali saying he immediately rang police.

Despite giving them a detailed description of the men and photographs from the store’s CCTV, the culprits still haven’t been found.

Ali told The Sun Online: “I lost a lot of my confidence being at work and I feel guilty sometimes, asking for ID.

“But I am, on behalf of the government and of the law, required to ask.

“I try to be polite and mostly people are OK but some of them are really hard to deal with.”

His story comes after a third of shopkeepers admitted the regular abuse has made them less confident to ask for ID – sparking concerns young people could have better access to restricted products like alcohol and cigarettes.

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