Online Bottle Shop: Order Thorny Devil Online Today for a Big Discount

Online Bottle Shop: Order Thorny Devil Online Today for a Big Discount

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Online Bottle Shop: Forget BYO, this is restaurant in a bottle shop

Welcome to the era of the restaurant, bottle shop and bar in one.

A place where menus are so 2016, and where choosing a bottle of wine is fun, educational and offers the temptation of buying the same tipple you just quaffed in the restaurant to enjoy at home later.

Max Mason, a restaurateur of 12 years and owner of The Henry Austin in Adelaide, says each time the industry frustrates him, he opens a new restaurant to try and go against the grain.

“The hospitality model at the moment is about intimidation,” Mason says. “Rather than having those big wine lists, rather than having the pressure of sitting at the table worrying if you’re going to order the right thing, we take you down to our bottle shop and help you choose a bottle with your meal.”

The wines on offer – around 200 in total, from 40 boutique South Australian wineries – have been selected to match with the seasonal food menu and are designed to highlight local talent.

“All the wines come pretty much from within a 40 kilometre radius,” Mason says. “These are limited production wines, really exciting bottles you wouldn’t otherwise get. We are supporting these smaller scale local wineries and ensuring their product is in the market.”

And are the customers keen?

“Yes, many go down to our bottle shop two or three times during dinner,” Mason says.

The Henry Austin sees around 65 per cent of its wine business on premises, in the restaurant and bar – customers are charged a $15 flat fee mark-up per bottle consumed – and 35 per cent from the bottleshop. Mason would like to see the off-premises side of the business increase. “We’re smack bang in the middle of Adelaide, we’re the greatest bottle shop the city has. We’re independent and feature small scale wineries that don’t have their own cellar door.”

But then again, if you’re the forgetful or tired type, and carrying an extra bottle of wine home with you at the end of a meal proves irksome, then Spokenwine could be your saviour.

The online wine store offers cellar door pricing on home delivered wines which you first taste in Brisbane restaurants Greenglass and Happy Boy.

The trio of businesses is the brainchild of former co-founder of fast fashion juggernaut The Iconic, Cameron Votan. Spokenwine taps (literally) into the impulse of a consumer first enjoying a new wine in a restaurant and two clicks later, ordering it for free home delivery within days.

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