Online Beer and Wine: Cheapest Online Happy Hour EVER

Online Beer and Wine: Cheapest Online Happy Hour EVER

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Online Beer and Wine: Tinseltown movie theater may soon sell beer and wine

You could soon enjoy a cold beer or glass of wine while watching a movie at Tinseltown.

The cinema could soon join the ranks of theaters such as AMC Regency 24 and San Marco Theatre that already sell alcohol.Cinemark is working on getting a permit to sell beer and wine along with other amenities.

“You’re sitting and relaxing at a movie why not have a glass of wine or some beer with it,” said Michelle Williams.And that’s exactly the sentiment of Cinemark executives.“The idea of serving beer or wine is consistent with a popular and growing trend in the movie industry,” said Bryan Jeffries, Cinemark cice president of marketing and promotions.

But alcohol isn’t the only thing they’ve got in the works, “Eight of the auditoriums have already been converted to the electric recliners and the rest will be converted an auditorium at a time over the next few months,” said Jeffries.

Some movie goers believe the new amenities are a sign of the times when so many customers already have other entertainment options at their fingertips.“Especially all the online streaming and things like that you know Netflix, Hulu, Voodoo all that good stuff, they probably need to catch up on that,” Saumya Joshi.

There’s no current timeline for the construction of a new bar area.

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