Online Beer Delivery: Order Today, Get it in less than 5 days!

Online Beer Delivery: Order Today, Get it in less than 5 days!

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Online Beer Delivery: Yes, You Can Get On-Demand Alcohol Delivered to Your Home. But Which App Is the Best?

Imagine you’re having friends over for dinner and after returning from your trip to the grocery store, you realize you forgot one important (if not the most) element to the meal: the alcohol. It might not seem like a big deal, but, in the moment, the idea of having to backtrack to the store for a pack of beer or a bottle of wine would probably be very annoying. What’s even more annoying? When there’s a closer store that has what you need, but double or triple the price you could get it elsewhere.

So, what do you do? You guessed it—there’s an app for that.

Alcohol delivery apps are the newest technology-based food or drink delivery platform to flourish in the market. But, as it always is with apps, the market is saturated with tons of different options—so which one do you choose?

Though all of these apps are not available in my market (Seattle) I tested and interviewed a few to get the inside scoop on what makes one app different from the others, and to determine which one I would actually use when I’m feeling lazy.

First things first: Is it legal to buy alcohol online? One thing that is true across the board for alcohol delivery apps is that a valid ID is required. So no, you cannot be under-age and think “Heck yeah I’m going to beat this system and order online.”

You have to add your credit card information to place an order and you have to present your ID when the delivery person arrives. When they do, they scan it to confirm that it is real and record it so it’s reported to the store and state. If you present a fake ID or cannot produce your ID when the delivery person arrives, you will not receive your alcohol and some apps will charge you a re-stocking fee. It’s unclear though, whether you are reported to your local authorities or not.

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