Happy Hour: $60 Carton of Thorny Devil Beers

Happy Hour: $60 Carton of Thorny Devil Beers

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Happy Hour: Avocado Beer Is Here and It Tastes Like Happy Hour in a Glass

When you’re drinking beer and snacking on guacamole, ever thought about cutting out the middleman? By which we mean: merging your brew and guac into one delicious concoction. It’s not just a drunken fantasy. Well, it is, but it’s also real. A few breweries around the world have been experimenting with avocado ale of late.

New Zealand’s Rocky Knob is making an avocado beer that “has a peppery and fruity taste to it,” as the brewery’s Stu Marshall told the New Zealand Herald. “We’ve added the avocado and now it’s in the fermenting stage.” The beer is a limited run for an upcoming craft beer festival. Meanwhile, Island Brewing Company in California is also currently working on a brew using avocado honey, also for a local festival. Bush Shack Brewery in Australia debuted a limited-edition version a couple of years back, on the heels of the Avocado Ale stash that Angel City Brewery in California brewed up for a festival back in 2013.

The avocado beer mini-trend is finally picking up some steam, but here’s hoping it makes it out of the festival circuit and into our fridges and happy hour haunts ASAP.

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