Craft Beer Online Shop: Best Blonde and Pale Ale at the biggest discount

Craft Beer Online Shop: Best Blonde and Pale Ale at the biggest discount

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Lititz Craft Beer Fest sells out in 90 minutes – Craft Beer Online Shop

There’s fast. And then there is Lititz Craft Beer Fest fast.

It took only 90 minutes Friday, June 30, to sell all 2,000 tickets to the annual festival, which has officially become the hottest brewfest in the Susquehanna Valley if not all Pennsylvania. In 2016 the festival sold out in three days. The year prior, tickets became sparse two weeks after sales were announced.

This year’s response took organizers by surprise. Co-chairman Patrick Moulds was packing for vacation, but still keeping a close eye on sales. Excitement grew to a fevered pitch among when it became evident people were flooding the festival’s website to buy $40 tickets. Proceeds go to local charities via the Lititz Ambucs.

“I had to plug in my phone because I almost killed my battery between (monitoring ticket sales) and texting (back and forth with other organizers),” Moulds said. “We’re all really pumped about it, to see all those tickets go that fast.”

He had been texting with co-organizer Corey Salzano, who spearheads the contingency of breweries coming to the event*.

“The real story about the sellout happening so quickly is the money that we are able to raise before the festival happens and before the first T-shirt is printed,” Salzano said. “Raising more than $6,000 in June for an event that doesn’t take place until the end of September has already been an amazing motivator for our team. I think we were as surprised as everybody else to see how quickly the tickets sold.”

The good news of a sold out festival is also bad news for those who could not get online before tickets were gone. After the sell out, complaints arose on the fest’s Facebook page. Some expressed concern about scalping of tickets, to which organizers responded: “If you see any postings of people trying to scalp tickets, and profit off this charity event, please let us know. We have intervened in the past. The maximum order of tickets was set to 10. There were only a few that large, and all but a few were people well known to support the community and the Ambucs.”

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