Craft Beer Online Free Shipping: Discounted Thorny Devil if you order now!

Craft Beer Online Free Shipping: Discounted Thorny Devil if you order now!

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Craft Beer Online Free Shipping: We tried the LCBO’s new home delivery service so you don’t have to

Services like Dial-a-Bottle and the Beer Guy—not to mention wineries—have been delivering alcohol products to Ontario residences for more than a decade. But when began accepting orders July 26 from its 5,000-item catalog of beer, wine and spirits, it sounded like a promising innovation, if not an Uber-style disruption of local booze acquisition.

The catch: There’s a $50 minimum order, and a wait of up to three business days for home delivery (plus a $12 Canada Post shipping fee) or up to 12 business days for free delivery to any LCBO location. For residents of smaller Ontario cities and towns, the new service offers more direct access to specialty products that were previously available only at larger outlets or by inter-store transfer. For most GTA residents, however, those existing alcohol delivery services offer same-day home delivery of the same products, with delivery fees as low as $8.

Despite potentially cheaper, faster options and Toronto’s abundance of well-stocked LCBOs, we at Toronto Life HQ couldn’t resist finding out what it would be like to receive a box of assorted alcohol products from the Crown’s omnipresent distributor of intoxicants.

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