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7 Michigan Craft Beers That Make a Mint on the Black Market: Craft Beer Online Free Shipping

There wasn’t so much a Prohibition period in Michigan’s beer history as there was a “let’s work around Prohibition” era. Led by Bernhard Stroh and his massive Stroh’s brewery in Detroit, Michigan’s growing immigrant population and thriving beer culture spawned dozens of breweries. Even when those brewers’ teetotaling, xenophobic neighbors decided to blame all of society’s ills on alcohol, the more creative among them devised their own solutions to the draconian alcohol ban that the state imposed three years before federal Prohibition.

 The most cunning and industrious among them was Detroit brewer John Zynda, who took it upon himself to dig a tunnel from his brewery to a garage across the street. He’d roll beer through the tunnel, send out a decoy truck filled with low-alcohol near beer and, when a lookout signaled that the coast was clear, would send a real beer shipment into the streets.

The beer drinkers of Michigan would not only seek this out but would eventually just head to the pubs of Windsor, Ontario, by boat after Canada did away with its partial Prohibition in 1927. Though there was little that either drinkers or brewers could do to stop the spate of post-Prohibition consolidation that swept up breweries after World War II — and eventually brought down the hollowed remnants of Stroh’s in 1999 — it’s that commitment to both the brewing process and a fervent base of cold-weather consumers that drove Michigan’s craft beer movement.

 When Larry Bell first opened his home brewing supply shop in Kalamazoo in 1983, there were just 93 breweries in the U.S. When his Bell’s Brewery brewed its first beer out of a 15-gallon soup kettle in 1985, there were just 110 U.S. breweries.

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