Craft Beer Online Australia: Your Favourite Craft Beer Available Online – Thorny Devil

Craft Beer Online Australia: Your Favourite Craft Beer Available Online – Thorny Devil

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Craft Beer Online Australia: Chocolate heaven in Shrewsbury town church

Organised by local award-winning chocolatier Julia Wenlock, the event has brought together some of the biggest names in chocolate – from bean producers and manufacturers to those who marry the country’s favourite confectionary with top tipples.

They have packed in to St Mary’s Church in St Mary’s Place, where the heady scent of chocolate mingles in the air.

Among the stallholders taking part is Mattieu de Gottal, who has travelled to the event, which runs until tomorrow, from his kitchen in the Cotswolds.

He teams chocolate with different whiskies and will be giving a demonstration of his craft.

“This is the first time I have done a festival like this,” he said.

“I use chocolates from all over the world, including Mexico, Venezuela and Papua New Guinea and I match them with whiskeys to see which one goes best.
“This festival is a really good way for me to talk directly to my customers. I have been working on my chocolates for about a year so this is a perfect way for me to show them off.”

Janette Rowlatt from the Chocolate Gourmet, based on Wyle Co, said the festival was a great thing for the town. “It is perfect for Shrewsbury,” she said. “The setting is wonderful and it is brilliant to see so many chocolatiers come together in one place.”

Mia Facchin, from La Triestina, near Ludlow, hsd brought her chocolate pasta to the event.

“It doesn’t taste too strongly of chocolate,” she said. “It is much more of a hint, a bit like squid ink pasta.

“It has a very delicate colour, like milk chocolate.”


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