Craft Beer Online Australia: Award-winning Pale and Blonde Ale up for grabs!

Craft Beer Online Australia: Award-winning Pale and Blonde Ale up for grabs!

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Craft beer and Australia’s changing alcohol consumption habits : Craft Beer Online Australia

As the rate of beer drinking declines in Australia, the craft beer industry continues to grow, with large-scale brewing operations, local craft beer gardens and gypsy brewers (contract brewers) carving out their portion of the market.

According to the most recent Australian Health Survey, between 2010 and 2013 alcohol consumption in Australia dropped, with daily drinking at its lowest level since 1991.

IBISWorld senior industry analyst Andrew Ledovskikh said alcohol consumption habits in Australia were changing, contributing to the rise in popularity of boutique brands.

“We definitely are seeing a shift in the way Australians are looking at alcohol,” Mr Ledovskikh said.

“People are turning away from traditional beer, so while craft beer is booming, actual beer consumption is dropping.

“Although they are reducing their overall alcohol consumption, craft beer is a little less associated with excess drinking or binge drinking.

“It is seen as a bit more of an experience — an experience that can be enjoyed without the negative connotations of alcohol.”

Beer blogger and brewer Darren Magin agreed, saying craft beer encouraged a more moderate drinking culture.

“People’s drinking habits are changing,” said Mr Magin, who works at Brisbane-based craft brewery and restaurant Newstead Brewing Co.

“[People] don’t mind paying an extra couple of bucks and drinking a few less at the end of the night, if they have drunk some quality beer — often lovingly produced in a small batch by the guy up the road.”

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