Craft Beer Delivered: Order Thorny Devil Online Today for a big discount

Craft Beer Delivered: Order Thorny Devil Online Today for a big discount

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It’s impossible for everyone to care about craft beer, no matter how much outright devotion craft beer fans on the internet have for independent breweries. A story this week delivered a relevant case in point: a macro-focused interview with De’Mar Hamilton from the Plain White Ts in OctoberOctober is a publication funded by AB InBev’s venture fund that was launched to “help the growing audience for craft beer.” Hamilton admitted a love of Miller, but was quick to throw some love out there for Budweiser as well with quotes like, “You will always go back” and “Who’s like, ‘I don’t like Budweiser?’ Nobody.”

People on Twitter were quick to point out that Hamilton mentioned Budweiser in the feature and that’s why it ran in the first place. Perhaps. But it could also be that most people who drink beer simply don’t care about craft beer. They just care about drinking regular old beer.

My dad recently came to New York City for the first time. He drinks beer to drink beer, meaning I usually get a look when I give him something other than a Steel Reserve, Hurricane, or Budweiser. But since he was here, I took him to some of my favorite breweries in the city, like Threes Brewing Company and Strong Rope. I also forced him to try something new at the beer bars ABC Beer Company and Broadway Dive. Oh, he liked them fine. But when we got home, he cracked open another Budweiser, even though there were plenty of good beers in my fridge.

Craft beer has plenty of cultural icons who can sing its praises, but October chose to interview Hamilton. Is that because they were sure he would say macro beer is best? Only a few people can know that. But there’s nothing wrong with his choices. Just because I don’t seek out organic food doesn’t mean I’m anti-organic farming, and just because Hamilton doesn’t seek out craft beer doesn’t mean he’s anti-craft beer. It’s time to accept that not everyone is a craft beer fan, and that’s O.K. No need to take it out on the people who don’t care, just like I wouldn’t want a vegetarian to take it out on me that I’m not vegetarian.


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