Craft Beer Delivered: Order Thorny Devil Online Today

Craft Beer Delivered: Order Thorny Devil Online Today

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Craft Beer Delivered: Penfield’s Which Craft Brews offers total beer experience

Penfield’s soon-to-open WhichCraft Brews is a bit different from any brewery in the Rochester region.

The brewery, located in the drastically renovated and reimagined BayTowne Plaza, aims to offer the “total craft beer experience,” co-owner/brewer Chris Prince said.

The operation combines a restaurant, tavern, brewery, and a to-go selection of craft beers under one roof.

And that’s not even considering the custom-made, locally constructed food truck inside the 4,623-square-foot space that will serve as the restaurant’s kitchen. (The truck’s motor has been removed and is now the condiment station.)

“We love the atmosphere of some breweries, where you can relax, get dinner from a food truck, and then take some beer home,” Prince said of WCB which opens on Saturday, July 8. “We wanted to bring that experience here.”

WhichCraft, 1900 Empire Blvd., is the shared vision of a family. Prince co-owns the business with his stepfather John Moscato. Moscato also owns Brockport’s 585 Rochester Beer, one of the west side’s best craft beer bottle shops. Moscato’s sister, Lori Weber, is a silent partner and her husband, Scott Baxter, is the fourth owner. Baxter, who just retired from a 25-year career at Paychex, will oversee day-to-day operations.

“We’re really trying to keep this local, Rochester, and New York thing going in everything we do,” Moscato said.

Frequent family trips to Vermont, home to some of the best breweries in the world, served as a bit of inspiration for WhichCraft, Moscato and Prince said.

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