Cheap Beer Online: Thorny Devil Delivers Craft Beer for Free!

Cheap Beer Online: Thorny Devil Delivers Craft Beer for Free!

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Cheap Beer Online: Cheap art, free beer at MICA ‘Bare Minimum’ fundraiser

LANSING – It will be an evening of mixing and mingling with artists.

With pieces of original, signed art for $10 a pop.

And there’s free beer.

The Michigan Institute for Contemporary Art will host its third “Bare Minimum” fundraiser and art sale event Friday at MICA Gallery in Old Town. Proceeds will support MICA and its free arts programming.

Art will include life drawings from the Kresge Life Drawing Group as well as sketches and paintings from local artists.

“Life drawing is simply when artists are drawing the human figure, and that could be clothed or it could be nude,” said program director Katrina Daniels. “Really it’s a study for the artist to be able to practice and hone their skills as an artist.”

The nonprofit organization’s mission is to use quality arts programming for community development. They do that through the exhibition space, which is the MICA Gallery. They also have programming at the gallery which includes performance art and poetry. MICA also produces the Lansing JazzFest and the Michigan BluesFest.

“This fundraiser is my favorite event,” Daniels said. “There can be an intimidation factor when it comes to formal art spaces. People can feel uncomfortable. They may feel that the arts are expensive or think ‘I don’t know that I’d be able to purchase it,’ or they are sometimes concerned about having to dress a certain way or having a certain knowledge base about coming into an art space.”

But this is a very casual event, and it breaks down all those barriers, she says.

The artists get to meet the people who are buying their work. The patrons get to have a conversation with the artist and buy something original to take home.

Confirmed artists include Doug DeLind, Britta Urness, Nick Tijerina, Tom Nelson and Irina Beskina. There will be others, as well.


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