Buy Craft Beer Online Free Shipping: Thorny Devil Just Launched Its Online Store!

Buy Craft Beer Online Free Shipping: Thorny Devil Just Launched Its Online Store!

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Buy Craft Beer Online Free Shipping: Strong craft beer market a highlight for GrainCorp in tough trading year

East coast grain handler GrainCorp says below average grain production, the global grain glut and cheap ocean freight made the previous year a tough one for the grains market.

Wheat prices are scraping near six-year lows off the back of huge harvests around the world and record levels of grain stocks held in reserve.

Combined with rock bottom shipping rates, Australian grain traders are facing tough competition from the Black sea and South America in markets where it’s been traditionally dominant, like South East and north Asia.

On Wednesday, GrainCorp revealed profits were down by $1 million, to $31 million this financial year.

The company’s malting business performed well thanks to growing craft beer demand, and a growing distribution network in the United States.

Earnings grew by 15 per cent to $161 million, with the company selling 1.3 million tonnes of malting barley.

Managing director Mark Palmquist said the double digit growth in craft beer was now slowing, after reaching 20 per cent of the overall beer sales in the US.

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