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Buy craft beer online free shipping: Discounted Thorny Devil if you order now!

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Buy craft beer online free shipping: Grey is not the new black

If you’re reading Australian Brews News, chances are you are a beer lover. As a beer lover I am sure that you are on a quest to try the many great beers that are made by the growing legion of Australian craft brewers, as well as the many excellent beers from around the world that are now available in our bottleshops.

However, as a beer lover, did you you that the people who made many of the highly sought-after beers on the bottleshop shelves don’t actually want you drinking them?

There is great excitement about the many innovative, exciting and ‘extreme’ beers being created by brewers around the world and  particularly the notable brewers in the United States.

Australian beers lovers keen to sample the beers that they hear so much about clamour to get their hands on beers from breweries such as Stone, Dogfish Head, Sierra Nevada and many more.

One of the reasons beers from these breweries are so highly sought after is that the people making them are passionate – obsessive even – about the flavour of their beers and the quality that they seek from the craft of brewing.

This passion and commitment extends as far as being demanding about the manner in which their beer is distributed to market to ensure that the beer arrives at the consumer in a condition that maintains the quality that they seek of their product. For this reason, many of the beers that Australian beer lovers crave are not legitimately available in Australia. Breweries such as Stone and Dogfish Head can’t ensure that the beer gets here at the quality they demand, while still being reasonably affordable.

The great irony is that the passion that makes the beer so good the Australian beer lover would do anything to get their hands on a bottle is often the same passion that prevents them from getting it legitimately.

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