Buy Cheap Beers Online: Your Favourite Craft Beer Available Online – Thorny Devil

Buy Cheap Beers Online: Your Favourite Craft Beer Available Online – Thorny Devil

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Germany: land of cheap beer and drunkards? – Buy Cheap Beers Online

It’s official. If getting drunk on a park bench is your thing, look no further than Germany as an ideal location. A study released on Monday shows it’s cheap. And you’ll have plenty of company.

For those who love späti (late night store) culture, the news might come as no surprise. But buying a beer from a supermarket in Germany is extremely cheap in comparison with most of Europe.

The study commissioned by GoEuro, an online travel company, shows beer prices and consumption habits across major cities globally.

The Local analyzed the information for Europe and found that there are few better places to have a cheap beer than in some of Germany’s major metropoles.

While in London a bottle of beer sold across the counter will set you back €1.51, in Berlin the gold stuff will cost you less than half at €0.71.

While the ‘poor but sexy’ capital is clearly Germany’s best spot to buy a cheap brew, Frankfurt and Munich also offer prices well below the European average at €0.74 and €0.81, respectively.

In the European cities surveyed, the overall average for a bottle of beer was €1.05.

But Germans will still be looking with envy at Spain. In Sevilla you only need to put down €0.46 – a price level that is almost matched across the Iberian peninsula.

Noch eins bitte!

Given the low cost of beer in Germany, it should come as no surprise that many a Teuton is saying ‘Noch eins bitte!’ (one more please!), perhaps a little more than they should.

Germany was slugging (or glugging) up there with the bigger hitters of eastern Europe on this scale, leaving countries like the United Kingdom which traditionally like a sly bevy in its wake.

The average adult in Germany is likely to sink 118 litres of beer in a year, well above the European average of 88.


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