Buy Cheap Beers Online: Your Favourite Craft Beer Available Online – Thorny Devil

Buy Cheap Beers Online: Your Favourite Craft Beer Available Online – Thorny Devil

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This Chic’s Beach resident wants you to have cheap beer and coffee for keeping the beach clean – Buy Cheap Beers Online

Brad Milliken was playing fetch with his dog on Chic’s Beach when he noticed a chunk of glass in his pet’s paw.

“I could see he was leaving little red spots on the sand,” Milliken said.

Frustrated, he started collecting glass litter from the beach and kept it in jar on his dresser. Taped to the container was this message: “Make your beach a better beach.”

Now he wants other residents to help him on his mission.

Milliken and his wife, Marissa, launched Your Better Beach for the summer. Beachgoers can pick up plastic containers from participating businesses near Chic’s Beach, fill them up with glass and plastic found in the sand, and return full containers for discounts at the merchants.

Participants can collect trash from any beach, but only businesses near Chic’s Beach are participating right now. After this summer, Milliken may expand to include merchants near other beaches.

“It’s all in the spirit in cleaning the beach and keeping the beaches desirable,” said Milliken, who moved to Virginia Beach in 2014 as part of his Coast Guard orders. It’s the first time he’s gotten to live near a beach.

Milliken doesn’t want to place blame on anyone – most of the glass and plastic seems to wash up from the water, he said – but the beach is a “big point of pride” in the neighborhood and should look well-kept, he said.

At Lynnhaven Coffee Co., co-owner Chris Bailey said families seem excited about the project. Full containers can get customers a free 10-ounce latte at the coffee shop. Most people fill a container over a weekend, he said.

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