Buy Cheap Beers Online: Your Favourite Craft Beer Available Online – Thorny Devil

Buy Cheap Beers Online: Your Favourite Craft Beer Available Online – Thorny Devil

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How an Upstate NY company hopes to turn your cheap beer into a craft brew – Buy Cheap Beers Online

Let’s say you crave a full-flavored, craft-brewed pale ale, but you only have the money to buy Pabst Blue Ribbon or Genny Cream Ale.

Peter Hanley has a solution for you. It’s called Mad Hops Flavored Brew Drops.

You just squeeze a drop or two into your Utica Club or Labatt’s Blue, and, behold, it becomes something closer to, say, a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (at a fraction of the cost).

At least that’s the idea.

Hanley, who lives in South Bristol, near Bristol Mountain Ski Resort on Canandaigua Lake launched Mad Hops last fall. He sells it online and at a small but growing list of retail outlets, and has been pitching it at craft beer festivals.

Mad Hops will have a booth at the Syracuse Winter Brewfest at the Central New York Regional Market’s F Shed on Saturday, Jan. 14, and again at the Roc City Brewfest on Jan. 21.

Although many people are initially skeptical, Hanley said the reaction he gets at the beer festivals — typically attended by big fans of craft beers — has been positive.

“It’s fun to see their confusion turn to understanding and then to delight,” he said. “They say, ‘I can’t believe I’m drinking a Genny’ or ‘I can’t believe I’m drinking a PBR.’ ”

Mad Hops comes in six flavors. The two best-sellers “turn cheap beer into good beer,” Hanley said. Those flavors are Pale Ale and Irish Porter.

Four others are also meant to cover the taste for people who don’t like, or think they don’t like, the taste of beer. Those are Apple Amber, Cherry Wheat, Wild Blueberry and Mexican Lime, which can turn your Keystone Light into a Bud Light Lime with what Hanely says is “more robust flavor.”

Hanley is a fan of craft beers himself. “We’re not here to replace craft beer,” he said. “But we can create a craft beer experience.”

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