Buy Cheap Beers Online: Your Favourite Craft Beer Available Online – Thorny Devil

Buy Cheap Beers Online: Your Favourite Craft Beer Available Online – Thorny Devil


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Buy Cheap Beers Online: Beer prices have sports fans’ heads spinning

Few things go together as well as a baseball game and an ice-cold beer. But as sports fans across North America know, that drink doesn’t come cheap.

The cost of a beer at a Toronto Blue Jays game is among the highest in baseball. Take a 473-millilitre “tall” can that would retail for anywhere between $2.50 and $3.50 at your local Beer Store. The same beer at a Blue Jays game will cost you upward of $12, depending on the brand you choose. If you do the math, that represents about a 400 per cent markup from the retail price.

That kind of markup is common for concessions at sports stadiums and arenas. We all know a bag of peanuts is no bargain at $6 or $7. You don’t need to be a shrewd consumer to know that you could buy many hot dogs at the supermarket for the cost of a single one at a game.

So why do fans fork over hundreds of millions of dollars every year for overpriced concessions?

And how do teams find a sweet spot, where the inflated price they are charging is still palatable to their fans?

Put another way, how did the Blue Jays decide fans would pay more than $12 for a beer?

Part of the game

Scott Francis helps teams make these kinds of decisions. He’s a consultant at Florida-based Strategic Pricing Solutions.

“People in [a pro team’s] front office have theories about how far is too far, but they really don’t know until they introduce those prices and find out,” he says. “So teams will monitor a price over the course of a season, see how the sales go, and if they find they are selling as many or more than before, they may hike it again, typically a small increase like 50 cents or a dollar, always gauging what the reaction is.”

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