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Buy Beer Online: Award-winning Pale and Blonde Ale up for grabs!

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Boston Rock Band Releases New Album On A Beer Can – Buy Beer Online

Music and beer. The two art forms have enjoyed a long, fruitful, even symbiotic relationship for what seems like an eternity. But a collaboration between a local band named The Lights Out and the Aeronaut Brewing Company in Somerville is taking the classic pairing in a novel direction.

The Lights Out is releasing its new album, “T.R.I.P.,” on cans of a limited edition Aeronaut beer — and guitarist Adam Ritchie says it makes perfect sense.

As Ritchie explained in an interview, the music-on-a-beer-can concept is an alternative to just putting out an album online. It’s also something of a snub to the ways we discover and consume new tunes these days.

Andrea Shea: What compelled you to release an album on a can of beer?

Adam Ritchie: “By releasing this album on a beer we’re trying to accomplish a handful of things. Number one is to bring back the tactile element to new music discovery that vanished in the digital age. Number two, we’re trying to create this multi-sensory experience that pairs sound with flavor and create a memory of experiencing them both together at the same time. And number three, we’re trying to figure out how to get people to listen to and buy new music from an unsigned independent band.”

How did the project get started?

“In the beginning we took a rough cut of this album to Aeronaut in Somerville [which was founded by scientists from Cornell and MIT], and we said, ‘This is an album about parallel universes. And every decision you make branching off into a whole separate reality.’ And they said, ‘Oh you mean like the multiverse?’ And we said, ‘Exactly, that’s why we came here!’

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