Buy Beer and Cider Online: Thorny Devil Delivers Craft Beer for Free!

Buy Beer and Cider Online: Thorny Devil Delivers Craft Beer for Free!

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This Thanksgiving, It’s All About Beer and Cider – Buy Beer and Cider Online

If I know one thing about the first Thanksgiving, it’s that they certainly weren’t drinking wine. In all likeliness, they were drinking cider and beer. Probably not out of the beautifully labeled large format bottles we have today, but we can let that slide. This Thanksgiving, take a page from the pilgrims and skip the vino. Load up the table with these versatile, story-inspiring, turkey-friendly beers and ciders. Here’s how it’s done so that even Big Cab Uncle Frank will make an exception:

Silence the Wine Snobs

There will be someone complaining about the lack of wine. But beers and ciders can bring the same acidity and minerality to the table that wine does, with sharpness and funk that pairs well with everything from buttery mashed potatoes to that side salad you take the tiniest portion of.

A wild ale, saison, or farmhouse ale like the ones from Side Project in St. Louis, have enough effervescence to make the wine fanatics forget about their grapes for a minute. Argus Cidery from Austin makes zippy complex ciders that imitate natural wines beautifully. Look for beers and ciders that are bottle-conditioned, unfiltered, and fermented with wild yeast. If it’s aged or fermented in oak barrels, that’s even better.

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