Buy Beer and Cider Online: Thorny Devil Delivers Craft Beer for Free!

Buy Beer and Cider Online: Thorny Devil Delivers Craft Beer for Free!


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Buy Beer and Cider Online: Move over wine; craft beer surging for weddings

Editor’s note: This is the latest installment of the Untappd Challenge series, a social media app that allows you to check in with the beer you are drinking and keep track of the beers you’ve had and your friends are into. You can rate, toast and comment. Many breweries also are active on Untappd and will interact with patrons. Find Joshua Riley at jriley919.

Craft Beer and weddings are a perfect match. Craft Beer continues to grow a rapid pace, and its presence in wedding receptions across the country has also continued to grow. I got married when I was 20, so I didn’t have a chance to toast an alcoholic beverage at our reception, but if I could raise a glass again to my wife, Sam, it would be a refreshing saison in a champagne glass. Sam would raise a stout or a cider if she could choose again today.

This month’s Untappd Challenge is a little bit different. Here in the heart of summer — also known as wedding season — I decided to pick the “Here Comes the Brew” badge. To unlock this badge, first, be invited to a wedding. Then, check in with any beer you want, but include the word “wedding” in the comments section. I unlocked this badge at my friend, Drew Moody’s, wedding a few years ago where he had selected a few craft options for guests; I remember one being Sun Dog from New Holland Brewing.

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