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Buy Beer and Cider Online: Thorny Devil Delivers Craft Beer for Free!

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Buy Beer and Cider Online: Biggest Central Coast Craft Beer and Cider Festival yet at Kincumber Hotel

IT’s a beer lover’s paradise and it’s getting bigger every year.

The sixth annual Central Coast Craft Beer and Cider Festival will take over the Kincumber Hotel this Sunday­. Last year’s event attracted more than 1800 people and this year, weather permitting, that number should be broken.

The Central Coast’s own Six Strings Brewery and Block ‘n Tackle as well as dozens of brewers from all over Australia will be showcasing more than 100 craft beers and ciders with everyone from beer enthusiasts, cider connoisseurs, craft novices and home brewers invited to discover their new favourite brew.

Kincumber Hotel events manager Claudia Grati said the event was “awesome”.

“I think it has resonated with the public because of the varieties available at one place at one time,” she said. “There are a lot of differences among them.

“Microbreweries are stepping out from what beer traditionally is and has been and people love the variety and individuality that comes from that.

“People love to be surprised and we bring as many brewers as we can from all around the country so locals can find a new flavour that they love.”

Ms Grati said the festival also offered a winery style tasting experience.

“People can get up close and personal with the brewers and ask questions like why they made it a certain way or what inspired them to add unique flavours together. The intimacy of the festival is one of its best features.”

She said in terms of flavour combinations two from previous years had stood out for her.

“Yenda do a vanilla and chocolate stout beer — it was like a dessert, it was beautiful,” Ms Grati said.

“Last year’s winner was also very unique blending a malt-based stout with smoked oysters which was called Black Pearl. It was unreal.”

The festival will run from 11am to 5pm. There will be live entertainment, street food stalls, loads of exhibitors, merchandise, competitions, the James Squire brew marquee and the Yenda Kombi van brew-bus.

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