Buy Beer and Cider Online: Award-winning Beers at Its Lowest Price

Buy Beer and Cider Online: Award-winning Beers at Its Lowest Price

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Younger drinkers are changing the beer and cider market and retailers that do not alter their range will miss out, writes Chris Dillon.

The growth of world and craft

It has not been an easy few years for the beer market, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty of opportunity for independent retailers.

The market’s decline is well reported – there are 1.1million fewer standard lager drinkers than five years ago, with ‘traditional premium’ drinkers facing a deficit of nearly 500,000. But at One Stop Mount Nod in Coventry, beer sales have never been better.

“We’ve just had a range review and increased our range of craft and world beers, and the fixture has been remerchandised to encourage shoppers to buy more expensive lines,” says owner Aman Uppal.

Young adults are not looking for the same things from the category as previous generations. They are drinking less, but when they are drinking they want premium products. David Lette, premium brands director for Heineken, says: “Consumers are looking for something different and new. Premium global brands like Birra Moretti can meet this demand.”

The growth in these areas is providing respite to the price war that has gripped the market in previous years. Steve Ricketts, head of sales at Brewdog, says: “In 1997, you could buy eight cans of Foster’s for £6. Fast-forward 20 years and multiple duty increases and you could still find that price today. The value growth has not been there for independents.”

At Aman’s store, his range has now been integrated into the main fixture. “We used to have a dedicated craft ale stand, but now those products are in the fridge we can use the stand for promotional items,” he says.

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