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Best Online Craft Beer Stores: Award-winning Pale and Blonde Ale up for grabs!

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Best Online Craft Beer Stores: Why Byron Bay Pale Lager is like an onion…

And so it goes on.

A quick recap. A little over a week ago, the public relations consultancy working for Carlton & United Breweries, Australia’s second largest brewer, issued a media release paid for by CUB announcing the release of a beer that has been brewed by CUB and will be distributed nationally by CUB. Nowhere in that release or on the labels that CUB printed will you find the letters CUB.

All caught up?

Ok, since then CUB have seemed very reluctant to talk about it. They are very reluctant to answer questions about their media release.

Finally, last Friday, I received a response to some questions I had asked. Actually it was a response to the fact that I had asked the questions rather than the questions themselves. It said:

Now. I will get to Barry’s Facebook page soon. While CUB seems to desperately want to make this simply about Barry and not them, this issue is like an onion. It has layers.

Layer One: CUB.

Over at Crafty Pint, James managed to get a more fulsome response than I have. I won’t poach his traffic, so head on over there to read it in its full four paragraphs. It included the following paragraph:

“CUB has a licencing agreement to produce and distribute its [Byron Bay’s] Pale Lager in pack form. This provides Byron Bay with a national platform, something that they would not be able to achieve by themselves and from which they benefit.”

Like a little angel investor, CUB is just helping the caterpillar turn into a butterfly. CUB is just helping out a mate, that’s the sort of company it is. There’s no benefit to CUB in the arrangement.

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