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Beer Sale: August Madness Sale – Get your beers at 20% OFF

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Beer Sale: Britain launching Brexit drive to sell more ‘quality’ beer in Australia

Britain is launching a Brexit drive to sell more alcohol in Australia after discovering that drinkers there are shifting from “quantity to quality”.

Ministers say new markets are opening up for “premium” British beersand ciders as well as its “unique” spirits.

The Department for International Trade also highlighted a growing demand for gourmet and speciality food in Australia.

 It recently published a guide to exporting Down Under which identified sectors where firms could expand as Britain quits the European Union.

It states: “A segment of the alcoholic beverage market is migrating from quantity to quality and is becoming enthusiastic about premium products.

“Australians appreciate British alcohol products and there is considerable potential for growth in interesting beverages. These include premium and craft ales and ciders; unique malts, vodkas, gins and other spirits.”

International trade minister Mark Garnier added: “It seems there is an increasing thirst in Australia for quality alcoholic produce from the UK, such as specialist and craft beers.”

Britain has long imported Australian beer brands such as Foster’s and Castlemaine XXXX but now more specialist brews could be going in the opposite direction.

The Department for International Trade is also encouraging UK food manufacturers to look to Australia. “There is an increasing appetite in Australia for a range of international, gourmet and speciality food and confectionery products,” it states.

The ministry said that Australia is the fifth largest economy in the Asia-Pacific region, and the 13th in the world.

“It has had 25 years of uninterrupted economic growth. Australia’s GDP per capita at current exchange rates make its citizens among the world’s top five wealthiest,” it added.

Advice in other recent government export guides includes being punctual with the Germans, not using first names with the French, and discounting goods in India.

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