Alcohol Delivery: Thorny Devil Beer Australia-Wide Delivery

Alcohol Delivery: Thorny Devil Beer Australia-Wide Delivery

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Alcohol Delivery: Deliv joins same-day delivery space for alcohol

Same-day delivery firm Deliv is adding alcohol to the roster of items it will pick up and deliver to consumers. The company announced it is partnering with alcohol retailers as well as Drync and BevSites — two companies that provide technology that beer, wine and spirit proprietors use for e-commerce. Daphne Carmeli, Deliv’s CEO, told Food Dive alcohol is “a huge market” that is primed for growth online. Deliv is currently licensed to deliver alcohol across 10 of its 18 markets, including New York City, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington D.C. There are currently plans to expand into other markets.  “When it comes to alcohol, because of the weight, fragility and just fundamentally the other requirements, it’s just a very, very great prime market for us,” Carmeli said. “The technology is there to take alcohol sales online. Now the shipping, where we can provide a much more cost-effective solution and a much better customer experience.”

IBISWorld estimated revenue from online alcohol sales was approximately $600 million in 2016. The firm forecast it could grow to $772.3 million by 2021 as technology improves, a larger population enters the 20 to 64 age group and online purchase behaviors of millennials increase.

Carmeli said her five-year old company is different from most other delivery companies because it operates as an add-on to a retailer’s existing online ordering and checkout systems. In this case, thousands of liquor stores can offer same day alcohol delivery through their own branded websites and mobile ordering platforms. Once the order is placed, Deliv picks up the already assembled order from the retailer — the company does not carry any inventory itself — and arranges a convenient drop-off time with the shopper.

“We’ve been in the alcohol business for nearly 80 years and have seen tremendous changes across the industry, but perhaps nothing so great as the emergence of e-commerce,” Ian Griffith, vice president of eCommerce of Beverage Media Group, said in a statement. “Integrating Deliv with the BevSites e-commerce platform makes it remarkably easy for our customers to add an outstanding same day delivery option that provides a differentiated customer experience.”

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