Alcohol Delivery: Award-winning beer a Click Away

Alcohol Delivery: Award-winning beer a Click Away


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Alcohol Delivery Startup Saucey Raises $5.4M

From alcohol to food and more, there are a variety of delivery services available for today’s tech-savvy consumer.

One of the more popular choices for on-demand delivery is in the alcohol industry, with the likes of Drizly, Thirstie and Swill.

Los Angeles-based, alcohol delivery startup Saucey just announced news of its $5.4 million Series A round of venture capital (VC) funding led by Bullpen Capital. To date, the company has raised approximately $10.2 million. With 25 full-time employees and 2,300 couriers, Saucey is making its way into various California cities and has plans to move into Texas and Florida down the road.

The on-demand alcohol delivery startup’s CEO and Co-Founder, Chris Vaughn, commented on Saucey’s vision for the alcohol industry. He said, “We’ve maintained a clear and focused vision from the beginning — to transform one of the oldest, largest and most archaic industries in the world by building a superior logistics platform which minimizes costs for retailers and offers a better shopping experience for customers. With more than half the alcohol consumption in the U.S. taking place in 10 markets, the win is in consolidating buying power through market penetration of key territories, starting with the biggest market, California.”

Saucey’s long-term plans, in which the venture capital funding will assist, include most last-minute items consumers would pick up from the corner store, including snacks and mixers.

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